What is the difference between electric hammer, electric pick and electric drill?

Source: Zhejiang Deshuo Electric Appliance Co., LtdRelease time: 2020-09-15

In life, most people don’t know the work and functions of electric tools, especially electric drills, impact drills, electric hammers, and electric picks. Today we will talk about the difference between them.

1. Electric drill,

Electric drill, also known as (pistol drill), is mainly used for drilling and reaming on metal, plastic, wood and other materials. If equipped with a dedicated working head, it can also complete grinding, polishing, disassembling screws, and opening large metal holes. , Mixing and other operations. The electric tooth person is a hand-held electric tool. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, convenient carrying, reasonable structure, safe and reliable use, etc. It is widely used in machine assembly, motor vehicles, construction, bridges, wood processing, etc. Drilling of metal parts, etc., in the case that the drilling machine cannot be used due to the limitation of the switch and parts of the work piece due to the processing site, the electric drill is often handy to use.

2. Impact drill

The impact drill is a drilling tool with rotating impact. When the adjusting button is adjusted to the "hammering" position, that is, the rotating belt impacts. When installed with a cemented carbide-inlaid North University of China, it can be used in lightweight concrete Drill holes in materials such as masonry, brick walls, ceramics and ceramic tiles. When the adjustment button is set to the "rotation" position, it is the same as an ordinary electric drill. It is necessary to install a flexible twist drill bit to drill holes in metal and similar materials. The limited diameter of the drill generally does not exceed 20mm. The impact drill is a multifunctional electric tool. Most of the drills have forward and reverse functions and can be used as an electric screwdriver. The impact electric drill and the electric hammer are mainly different in the principle of generating impact. The impact energy of the electric hammer is large and can be used in Punch holes in hard concrete elements

Three, electric hammer,

Electric hammer is suitable for drilling hard construction materials such as concrete and masonry

The electric hammer is powered by a single-phase series motor. It has the functions of rotating belt impact, single rotation and single type. Single rotation and rotating belt impact are suitable for drilling holes in brittle materials such as concrete, rock, masonry and porcelain. Single impact can dig trenches on concrete and brick walls. And digging, shoveling,

The electric hammer has high power and strong processing ability. The drilling diameter is usually between 12-50mm. Different working heads can be selected for various operations. The operation is simple and the hole-forming accuracy is high. The electric hammer generally has an overload protection device, which can automatically slip when the mask is overloaded or the drill bit is jammed, without causing the motor to burn out